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Tohuwabohu - a resounding dance piece with a lot of haywire

/ Choreography  Irina Pauls 2020

More about the piece

Link to the review on

Link to the review on

Carmina Austriaca / Cantata based on songs from the Middle Ages

for solos, boys' choir, choir and orchestra with dance /

Music Gerald Wirth, choreography Irina Pauls Vienna 2018,

Resumption in 2019

Link to the event

Link to the review


Limes / dance piece by Irina Pauls, composition Matthias Engelke 2016

Amor et cetera  / Choreography by Irina Pauls

(Carmina Burana / Catulli Carmina by Carl Orff) 2015

Link to the event

Link to the review

Veni, veni, venias / dance performance by Irina Pauls. Concise

Composition principles from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana

in a new reading (2012-2015)

Link to the program

Stomping La Luna / dance piece by Irina Pauls 

Seven dancers dedicate themselves to dancing, speaking and instrumental

of the opera "Der Mond" by Carl Orff 2011

Link to the trailer

Groove On / Choreography Judith Hirsch. Body and chair percussion 2010

The Collectif and Klaus Fessmann meet -

Choreography Susanne Rebholz 

A sound stone dance game project 2010

for a long time  / Dance piece by Irina Paul

Movement feels time, violin bows vibrate in 2009


please hold the line / choreography Kordula Möser

Please be patient, we will be there for you shortly 2008

dialogue au jardin  /  Choreography Rahel Imbach Graben

Chop, pour-a garden improvisation 2008

make three out of two  / Choreography Judith Hirsch and Angela Nassall

Body percussion for 7 women 2007

One breath / choreography Doris Valtiner

The start in 2007

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