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 ""tohuwabohu" is recommended for an audience from 6 years and older and it meets the young viewers on an equal footing. The performance doesn't dictate anything, but leaves plenty of room for one's own imagination – and thus sets a challenge which generally threatens to fall short in our

digital age." Edith Wolf Perez,   


Do you know what it’s like when everything is going topsy-turvy? Have you ever experienced a real tohuwabohu (hullabaloo)? With fifes, drums and shrill sounds? 


It’s whirling and spinning around the head. Everything is muddled! This sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? To be honest, such a big hullabaloo could startle you. But hold on and wait a bit!

Do you hear a melody or is there a rhythm? Who is running so fast, where is she going? A curious mind can discover a lot. Here, everyone has a special story and is following their own path. Across or entwined, fast or slow. 


“tohuwabohu” is sending you on an exciting journey and the colourful and seemingly impenetrable world is untangling. With “tohuwabohu”, DasCollectif ist staging a dance piece with live music for children of 6 and over. Inspired by different people who encounter each other in a big city.  



Staging, Choreography: Irina Pauls 

Set, Costume: Ragna Heiny 

Performance:  Johanna von Bibra, Magdalena Eidenhammer, Alina Feske, Sara Wilnauer, Viktoria Wirth 

Music: Elina Lautamäki,Sara Wilnauer, Dominik Leitner WITH DasCollectif 

Assistance: Rahel Imbach-Ferner, Susanne Rebholz 

Thank you to all our supporters with Crowdfunding!

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© Luke Beck

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