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Everybody Can Dance! is a collaboration between the Teatrul Muzical Ambasadorii (Bucharest, RO) and DasCollectif (Vienna, AU). The project started from a desire to improve the professional skills of the artistic staff of the theater, acquire new skills, and harmonize the artistic relationships between vocal soloists, actors and dancers.

The main event was a 10 day workshop from March 8-17th, 2023 at Palatul al Copiilor, in Bucharest with 25 members of the artistic team of Teatrul Muzical Ambasadorii.

Led by Irina Pauls and Sara Wilnauer, the workshop was based on Pauls’ practical implementation of Laban Movement Analysis and enriched by the Sound and Voice practice from Sara Wilnauer.

Teatrul Musical Ambassadorii

Erasmus +

© Silas von Bibra / DasCollectif

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