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I am working on a film about people, their clothes and the memories associated with them: "Clothes carry memories".


And I work with my newly founded theater group "Breloque". Our first play for "small and large" with the same name: "Breloque - memories lost & found" deals with tones, noises and melodies that trigger memories - a memory bracelet with little stories. 

lives and works in Salzburg, where she studied costume and stage design at the Mozarteum in Salzburg with Herbert Kapplmüller. Since then she has worked as a freelance set designer for more than 70 opera, drama and dance productions, including at the Ljubljana Opera, the Theatro Albéniz in Madrid, at the Halle Opera, at the Tyrolean State Theater in Innsbruck, at the Phoenix Theater in Linz, at the Graz Opera, the Next Liberty in Graz, the Small Theater Salzburg, the Hans-Otto Theater in Potsdam and the Schauspielhaus Salzburg with directors such as Anna Hauer, GHSeebach, Robert Pienz, Myrto Dimitriadou, Bernadette Heidegger, Petra Schönwald, Caroline Richards and Irina Pauls.

As part of her work, she also designs posters, flyers and illustrations. At the film school for film design in Studio West (Salzburg) she took part in the School of Documentary and her graduation film "RENT EAT LIFE" was shown at DAS KINO in Salzburg. Since then she has also created trailers and recordings of plays. In 2017 her outfit for "Nothing - what is important in life" was nominated for the STELLA Award - Performing Arts Prize for young audiences.


© Nikos Stavlas

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